Carpet Dyeing Services Tampa Bay Area

PCS of Tampa Bay is among the few firms in the country that specializes in on-location carpet dyeing and color restoration.

Our specialty is in the area of Carpet Dyeing and Color Restoration. We are also experts in the repair of bleach and chemical spots. We are located in Tampa Bay Florida.

Carpet Dyeing is a cost effective and a great alternative to costly carpet replacement, it is perfect for:

• Homes and Condominiums
• Apartments and Rentals
• Mobile Homes
• Offices
• Hotels and Motels
• Boats
• Churches
• RV’s and Automobiles
• Restaurants
• Retail Stores
• Any Business Establishment
• Anywhere people care about carpet appearance  

Carpet is most often discarded and replaced, not because of wear and tear, but do to discoloration, fading and stains, or a change of decor. Most people aren’t aware that these problems can be solved for a fraction of the cost of carpet replacement.Protect your carpet investment by restoring it to its original color. The beauty and life of your carpet will be preserved by our exclusive on-site dyeing process.

PCS of Tampa Bay can restore your carpet to one uniform color, (to bring back faded colors). The color can be changed completely, or it can be deepened to cover up dark stains, pet stains, etc.

Dyeing can bring back the vibrant color your carpet once held and can also be used to change decor and/or upgrade to a new color.

Bleach and other cleaning chemicals can remove the color from your carpet and cause permanent color loss, but this can be corrected by having PCS of Tampa Bay color-match your carpet and eliminate the spots.